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Hair care recommendable in view of damage level and hair type. CLEVER Series

It repairs hair damages, supplying necessary nutrition, according to hair conditions. The hair care is recommendable according to the damage level and the hair type of each person. "CLEVER" means “to be wise and have a full of ideas”. Therefore, TIERS aims to make a series of supplementary products which may lead the damaged hair to be healthier.

Hair care recommendable in view of damage level and hair type. CLEVER Series

  • CleverπIonic Water 3D ①

    πIonic Water 3D
    Treatment water compounding Hyaluronic Acid and Heat Silk PPT (550) to the base of mineral rich water. Giving hair luster and moisture, it softens hair damages caused by chemicals.
  • Clever Collagen ②
    (Injection C) 500mL

    Compound of Collagen PPT
    It is a pretreatment agent to repair the inside of hair, plentifully containing 2 kinds of different Collagen PPT of middle and high molecular (1000 / 1400). Collagen having excellent humidity is suitable to repair flexibility and luster of hair lost by damage.
  • Clever Keratin ③
    ((Injection K) 500mL

    Keratin PPT Mix
    It is a pretreatment agent to repair the inside of hair, plentifully containing 2 kinds of Keratin PPT of middle and high molecular (400 / 1000). Keratin having excellent elasticity is suitable to regain the original elasticity of hair, by giving stretch and body to hair.
  • Clever Softener ④

    Compound of Plant Fatty Oil & Soy PPT
    Treatment agent containing Plant Protein and Soy PPT (700) gives hair oil and excellent water holding ability. As a pretreatment, you may apply it on the damaged parts. When you need to control the power of chemicals such as Perm Solution or Straightening Agent, it is suitable for more careful treatment of damaged hair. Besides, it is usable for treatment as s single product.
  • Clever Factor ⑤

    Compound of Hair Fortifier Haematin
    It compounds much volume of "Haematin"to strengthen cysteine bond during waving process. It is a pretreatment to promote the linkage of 2 kinds of solutions by oxidation. Besides, it is suitable as the interim-step rinse, having deodorant effect and buffer effect.
  • Clever Heat Protect ⑥

    Compound of Heat Collagen
    Heat Collagen (2200) protects hair from heat of an iron or a dryer of high temperature. It also protects hair from friction of hair brushing, etc. It is effective to use before process of ironing for curly hair on blow-drying.
  • Clever After Foam C ⑦

    No-After-Rinse Treatment Mousse for hair color
    Luxuriant Plant Essence and Heat Collagen PPT (1000) protect cuticles. It is the no-after-rinse type treatment mousse to repair hair and add luster to hair.
  • Clever After Essence P ⑧

    Perm Liquid-type Treatment
    Compounding middle molecule collagen (2200) and high molecule keratin (2500~4500), it repais damaged parts, and forms film so that it leaves hair with a smooth finish.
  • Clever Micro-Sillicon ⑨

    No-after-rinse type Treatment
    Coating damaged hair after coloring, quickly fitting into hair, it holds water of hair, prevents color fading and leaves hair with a well moist and flexible finish.
  • Clever Hyaluronic Acid ⑪

    Compound of Hyaluronic Acid
    Compounding much volume of Bio-Hyaluronic Acid, it controls water of hair, and it leaves hair with a well moist and flexible finish.
  • Clever Interim-Step Acid-Rinse ⑬

    pH Control Agent
    Use it as the interim-step rinse for perm and straightening by triple dilution. It is acid rinse having high pH-control effect.
  • Clever Silicon Remover ㉚

    Silicon Remover
    Silicon and Polymer are hard to remove by general shampoo. It is a resetting agent created, aiming to solve those problems.
  • Clever Catalase ㉜

    To remove the remained Hydrogen Peroxide
    By removing Hydrogen Peroxide remained on hair after coloring, it diminishes damages inside of hair, and strengthens durability of colors.
  • Clever High-molecular Keratin ㉝

    Compound of High-molecular Keratin PPT
    As compounding much volume of high-molecular, hydrophobic Keratin of average 10000 molecular, which has high-molecular Keratin PPT, it is absorbed into the damaged holes and prevents protein flowing out from inside of hair. Besides, using it as pretreatment for perming, etc., waving power will be hightened.
  • Clever Amino-Ceramide ㉞

    Compound of Amino Ceramide
    Compounding plant-derived Amino Ceramide, it supplies CMC (Cell membrane complex) flown out by coloring or waving to hair, and prevents protein flowing out. It suppplies fat to the inside of hair, softens rough touch of damaged hair and dry hair
Cream spa produces relaxation time.
The system is recommendable,
by paying attention to hair quality and scalp conditions.
  • Clever Cream Spa
    (White Mud of Palau) ㊳ 1000g

    Natural Mud Pack
    It is the type compounding white mud of Palau containing coral. Palau's white mud is very fine texture and used as the natural mud pack in Palau where the sun shine is very strong, expecting beauty whitening effects. Having excellent effect to absorb dirt from pores, it is a product having high ceasing effect.
  • Clever MIX Keratin ㊴

    2 kinds of Keratin
    High-molecular Keratin (*1) wraps low molecule Keratin (*2) and natural moisturizing factor, and forms complex matrix. In this case, the matrix stays on the whole area surrounding the damaged holes, and gives body and stretch to hair.

    (*1) Average Molecular Weight: 20000~40000.
    (*2) Average Molecular 400.

  • Clever Mix Collagen ㊵

    3 kinds of Collagen
    Compounding 3 kinds of Collagen (*) in good balance, thinking about the damages of hair surface caused by physical and chemical irritation, it adds soft unity to coarse hair.

    (*1) Middle-Molecular Collagen: Average Molecular Weight 1000.
    (*2) Cationic Collagen: Average Molecular Weight 1000.
    (*3) Heat Collagen: Average Molecular Weight 2000.

  • Clever Mix Silk ㊶

    2 Kinds of Silk
    Middle-Molecule Silk (*1) having fine filming effect forms lustrous hair surface. Additionally, Heat Silk (*2) being heat-activated adds heat, changes hair structure, leads hair to be smooth, and adds hair high effects of coating, durability and repairable.

    (*1) Average molecular weight 1000.
    (*2) Average molecular weight 500.

  • Clever Mix Scalp (for fatty skin)㊷

    5 Kinds of Natural Herb Extracts
    The essence blending 5 kinds of natural herbs (rosemary, white birch extract, sophora angustifolia root extract, chamomilla extract, and mallow extract) depresses stickiness, and creates healthy and lively hair.
  • Clever Mix Amino (for dry skin) ㊸

    8 Kinds of Amino Acid
    Compounding 8 kinds of Amino Acids, NMP (natural moisturizing factor) and natural plant derived humectant, it adds moisture to scalp and hair being apt to dry, and improves to be the bouncy and well-moistened skin.
●●	Fragrance Series
  • Geranium ㊹

    The fragrance of slightly sweet green floral.

  • Rose ㊺

    Elegant and sweet fragrance.

  • Lavender ㊻

    Fresh herbal fragrance.

  • Grapefruit ㊼

    Bitter citrus fragrance.

  • Lemongrass ㊽

    Sweet lemon-like green-type fragrance.

Treatment System

● 3 Step Treatment  Clever Repair Treatment・Super

  • STEP 1 Clever Repair Treatment (100) –A  400g Compounding nano-structured Plant Ceramide, Astaxanthin and Geen Tea Extract, it gives moisture to hair and protects hair from damages which active oxygen caused.
  • STEP 2 Clever Repair Treatment (100) –B  160mL It heightens the penetrability with the oil having excellent coating ability, and prepares the base for the next step.
  • STEP 3 Clever Repair Treatment (100) –C  400g Wrapping hair with Amino-Oil, it makes the hair well-moistened with moistening effect of Rice Bran Extract and Plant Ceramide.

●3 Step Treatment

  • STEP 1 Clever Repair Treatment (10) -A 750mL Compound of Keratin PPT (400), Collagen PPT (1000), Heat Collagen (2200), and 8 kinds of Amino-Acid・Amino Ceramide.
  • STEP 2 Clever Repair Treatment (10)-B-1 100mL For silky smooth hair of well-unity. Clever Repair Treatment (10)-B-2  160mL For smooth and well-moistened hair.
  • STEP 3 Clever Repair Treatment (10)-C 750g For the lustrous and well-unity hair by blend of Plant Ceramide and Q10.

※( ) indicates Average Molecular Weight.