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The Cream Ingredient (M68) used in AESTHETICS HAIR COLOR is derived from plants. The cream base has the crystal construction, so that penetration of the chemical into hair is greatly improved. As the chemical efficiently acts on hair, the quantity of alkali and the volume of dyestuff, which cause irritation and unpleasant odor, are drastically decreased. The extract of 9 kinds of herbs and Conditioning PPT greatly decrease the burden which hair and scalp have been suffered, so that the lustrous color development is realized.

Rome-Camomile Extract  Nettle Extract Hedera Helix Extract Arnica Extract Watercress Extract  Burdock Extract  Allium Extract  Rosemary Extract Pine Extract for Hair  They add moisture to hair, and diminish roughness of hair after coloring. for Scalp They protect and keep the scalp healthy.
  • ECO Color
    Speedy Hair Color 1st Agent 120g
    1 Shades (4 colors)

    Recommended for those who need quick coloring
  • ECO Color
    for Gray Hair
    Deep Color Development1st Agent: 120g
    6 Shades (30 colors)

  • ECO Color
    Fashion Color
    Transparent Color Development1st Agent 120g 8 shades (34 colors + Control Color 5 colors)

    ECO Color Fashion Color
  • ECO Color Developer2nd Agent 1000mL (Normal Type) 3%・6%

    ECO Color Developer Normal Type
  • ECO Color Developer2nd Agent 1000mL (Hard Type) 3%・6%

    ECO Color Developer Hard Type
  • ECO Color Developer2nd Agent 1000mL (Amphoteric surfactant type)
    3% 6%

    ECO Color Developer Amphoteric surfactant type

※The viscosity of mixed cream differs between Normal type and Hard type. Therefore, please use the type of your favorite viscosity. There is no difference in the coloring results by type.


WELL & WELL HAIR COLOR Hair Color with fragrance: Fragrance of Green Herb. Well & Well Hair Color Series Quasi Drug

Adding Citrus Oil to the fragrance of green herb, we accomplished a kind of elegant and refreshing aroma. Citrus Oil covers the particular odor of alkali (ammonia) produced by hair coloring and masks the uncomfortable odor. Therefore, there is no odor remained. As treatment ingredient is compounded, it repairs the damaged parts during coloring.

Point 1
(Nano 18-MEA)
Nano 18-MEA is compounded, which is the nano-engineered (to billionth) 18 Methyleicosanic Acid. 18-MEA exists in the cuticle area and consists the protective film to prevent damages of cuticle. Cuticles cannot be regenerated after once being broken, as its self-regeneration is impossible. By compounding 18-MEA, lost fat and water are supplied and by being minimized to nano-size, its absorbability and permeability are improved and the hair damaged during hair coloring is repaired.
Point 2
(Keratin PPT)
Keratin, the protein, which is the main ingredient of hair, is compounded. By giving the nourishment to hair, it heightens the effects of color durability.
Point 3
(Herb & Herb)
The compound of plant extracts well known as an ingredients of the basic cosemtics. Carefully protecting the scalp and moistening hair from inside, it supplies humidity to hair being apt to dry.
  • Well & Well Hair Color 1st Agent 120g
    5 Shades: 11Colors + Toner 1 Color

  • Well & Well Hair Color
    Developer2nd Agent 1000mL 6%

Well & Well Hair Swatch