We will deliver the Lumos Diamond Hair Color Seminar live!

Required high tone Gray

High-brightness gray hair dyeing required.
An era where you can enjoy hair coloring even when dyeing gray hair.
Mr. Kuroki of Shawl Drawing will propose a design that you can enjoy more freely from the first gray generation to the gray generation using the Lumos diamond hair color.

Monday, July 11, 2022 19: 00-


Toshimitsu Kuroki CHARLES DESSIN
Representative of Shaul Drawing in Kitahorie, Osaka and Omotesando, Tokyo. At the age of 21, the first store opened in Tennoji-ku, Osaka. Shaul drawing opened at the age of 24. The average customer unit price is over 78,000 yen, and the monthly designated sales are over 7 million yen. He has won many domestic and international contests. JHA 2021 NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR FINALIST. Formed a group of creative hairdressers in Kansai, “Creative Club”, a group of hairdressers specializing in high tones, “BOC”, and a group of educators, “Yavengers”. It is also extremely popular as a technical instructor.


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