Marlis Moller series


Tiers’ New Business Development with Troll Cosmetics


The headquarters of Troll Cosmetics (Switzerland) is situated at the shores of Lake Constance (the Bodensee), surrounded by Germany, Austria and Switzerland. On the headquarter grounds, they have a delivery center, an education center and a factory. This area is very popular to the tourists especially in spring and summer time because of its beautiful scenery and mild climate.

Marlies Moller, European high-quality hair care brand, has finally come to Japan.


Troll Cosmetics was established in 1990 by Mr. Karl J. Troll who is well known in Europe as a specialist of skin care especially in the area of UV care. Troll Cosmetics has 3 production/sales companies as follows:



    Produces high quality hair care products, skin care products, toilet sets (with a special brush), make up products (used and sold in famous beauty salons, SPA, department stores, and chemists)
  • JUVENA Image


    Produces anti-aging skin carebasic cosmetics (sold in department stores, chemists)
  • DECLARE Image


    Produces sensitive skin care cosmetics and fragrance (sold in department stores, chemists)

[ ※ age-related skin care]


Marlies Moller, a famous hairdresser from Humburg, put her name to a brand in 1988 and started the business of hair care line and hair styling line. Her mission was not only to answer the customers’ various needs but also to materialize customers’ hidden beauty. To achieve her dream, she launched the premium hair care and styling products that brought exclusive professional hair style to every customer’s home.

A professional result with premium hair care

Please try our perfect and luxurious professional hair care products developed according to the individuals’ various needs.
Marlies Moller’s beauty hair care products provide luxurious feeling not only to your hair and scalp but also to your whole body.
You will have an unforgettable experience – just as special and as if you were at a famous beauty salon. High quality and balanced hair care system provide various qualities such as luxurious, professional, effective and time saving.
You can make an ideal hair style by using original Marlies Moller beauty hair care products. Get your professional salon style at home, in your very own beauty salon.

  • Moisture Up Shampoo

    Moisture Up Shampoo

    NET 320mL JY2,200(with tax)

    Moisture Up Mask

    Moisture Up Mask

    NET 200g JY2,200(with tax)

    Moisture Up provides moisture and smoothness to dry hair.
    It uses Murumuru butter※1(moisturizing ingredient) and provides moisture and luster to the hair. The collagen protein※2(beautiful hair ingredient) with amino acid of hydroxyl group gives soft and smooth feeling to the hair while reducing the damages.

  • Silky Up Shampoo

    Silky Up Shampoo

    NET 320mL JY2,200(with tax)

    Silky Up Mask

    Silky Up Mask

    NET 200g JY2,200(with tax)

    These two products give moisture and powdery feeling to dry hair and makes it easy to finger comb.
    “Fibroin” gives the silky luster and light feeling to the hair and silk protein※3including “Sericin” gives the moist and light feeling to the hair. Pearl protein※4made from more then 20 different kinds of amino acid makes the hair very smooth.

  • Volume Up Shampoo

    Volume Up Shampoo

    NET 320mL JY2,200(with tax)

    Volume Up Mask

    Volume Up Mask

    NET 200g JY2,200(with tax)

    With the decline in dermal papillae function, normal protein needed for hair formation and growth cannot be produced and results in hair thinning and hair- loss. These two products will give back the bounce and the resilience.
    “Fibril (αkeratin) gives moderate hardness to hair and “Matrix (γkeratin) has a nice coating effect. These two types of keratin are keratin protein※5derived from cortex and they give elasticity and firmness to the hair.

[ ※1 Astrocaryum Murumuru Seed Butter / ※2 Hydrolyzed Collagen (fish scales origin) / ※3 hydrolyzed silk / ※4 Hydrolyzed Conchiolin Protein / ※5 Hydroxypropyltrimonium Hydrolyzed Keratin ]

  • Grayless Hair&Scalp Concentrate

    Grayless Hair&Scalp Concentrate (scalp hair tonic)

    NET 100mL JY5,500(with tax)

    Scalp beauty liquid for everyday use.
    Darkeynl(skin toner essence) is the main concept essence and leads to the healthy scalp environment.

  • Bulge area

    It was announced in the 2000s that not only the root of the hair but also the pigment stem cell and the hair follicle stem cell in bulge area formed the pigment of the hair. Because of this announcement, the studies to work on the bulge area have become active.

  • Hair Balm

    Hair Balm (out-bath hair milk)

    NET 100mL JY2,200(with tax)

    This is the glossy finishing agent with feeling at ease.
    It finishes the hair smooth, soft and silky. The ingredients are amino ceramide(moisturizer), hydrogen capsule, apple stem cell extract, lactone?, keratin, amino ceramide(damage care) ,lactone? heat silk(coating).

  • Oil Serum

    Oil Serum (out-bath hair oil)

    NET 100mL JY2,200(with tax)

    This is the finishing agent with flexible, rich and elegant effect.
    The ingredients are organic olive oil, baobab seed oil, argan oil, phytosqualane, sazannqua oil, japonica oil(moisturizer).

  • Volume Up Spray

    Volume Up Spray (out-bath hair spray)

    NET 100mL JY2,200(with tax)

    This is the soft and natural spray finishing agent. It gives the hair more volume.
    The ingredients are citron ceramide(moisturizer), apple stem cell extract, lactone? S-S keratin (damage care), lactone?cationizing αγkeratin(coating).

  • Volume Up Anti-oil Hair Powder

    Volume Up Anti-oil Hair Powder (dry shampoo)

    4g JY3,080(with tax)

    The European stylish powder shampoo has finally come to Japan.
    It revives the flat hair caused by oily evening condition to soft hair just like after shampooing. It is a must item to carry and you can get fresh hair whenever you like.

[ ※ according to the styling set.]




The ingredients of Nephal Premium are “hydrogen capsule”※1and “fullerene”※2which is discovered by three Nobel prize winning scientists, Prof. H. Kroto in UK, Prof. R.Smalley and Prof. R. Curl in USA.

Nephel Premium is the first ever hair care series in the beauty industry, which enable to make original products from one case by each beauty salons.
It is possible to make salon original labels with your salon’s name; the design of the label is created by famous Italian designer, Luca Melis. The “hydrogen capsule”※1applies the hydrogen’s power which changes active oxygen into water. The “fullerene”※2has strong antioxidant power of about 170 times of vitamin C and is evaluated by its high anti-aging effect. The original products are made more selective not only by the package design but also by those two ingredients.

Package design by the Italian designer
who design the well-known apparel brands.

KimeDesign rogo

Label design : Luca Melis



He is active mainly in Italy and works internationally. After studying automobile design in Torino, he moved to the fashion city of Milan and worked in a various type of product design. He visits and travels around Japan every year. He loves Japan and is familiar with Japanese culture.

[ ※1 “hydrogen capsule” is the name that Tiers .Inc proposes originally. / ※2 contains only in the treatment. ]

  • Damage Care Shampoo natural95

    Damage Care Shampoo

    450mL Open price

    This shampoo has a good familiarity to the hair and has high conditioning effect. While keeping essential scalp oil with low irritation, it washes the hair gently. It is high in biodegradability and takes the environment into consideration.
    The main ingredients: Hematin, Docosalactone, Carboxylate, LIPIDURE®(repair and moisture keeping)

  • Damage Care Treatment natural90

    Damage Care Treatment

    450g Open price

    The encapsulated nano-hair repair ingredient works from the inside of the damaged hair and repairs it from the inside. The hair will become moist with the superior moist retaining ingredient.
    The main ingredients: Hematin, Docosalactone, Carboxylate, LIPIDURE® (repair and moisture keeping)

  • Shining Care Shampoo natural95

    Shining Care Shampoo

    450mL  Open price

    This shampoo makes excellent voluminous foam. It gently unties the twisted up hair and leads to fresh and powdery hair.
    The main ingredients: Shea butter,Olive squalene, W-ceramide, Heat-active PPT (repair and moisture keeping)

  • Shining Care Treatment natural90

    Shining Care Treatment

    450g Open price

    It cares the damaged hair and give some moisture. The hair becomes very smooth. Olive squalene having high moisture retention repairing effect normalizes the cuticles. The hair revives to a beautifully shining hair.
    The main ingredients: Shea butter,Olive squalene, W-ceramide, Heat-active PPT (repair and moisture keeping)

  • Aging Care Shampoo natural95

    Aging Care Shampoo

    450mL Open price

    Hair softly recovers from the root after drying. The shampoo gives the bounce and resilience to the whole hair. Though it is light, the hair becomes easy to manage.
    The main ingredients: Volume -up keratin, 18MEA,Proteoglycan, MultiEx BSASM™ (repair and moisture keeping)

  • Aging Care Treatment natural90

    Aging Care Treatment

    450g Open price

    While it supplies the moisture properly, it also gives the hair bounce and resilience. This treatment leads to the softly and lightly bouncing hair. The aging care ingredients normalize the scalp environment and gives healthy hair cycle.
    The main ingredients: Volume -up keratin, 18MEA,Proteoglycan, MultiEx BSASM™ (repair and moisture keeping)



The hair becomes as beautiful as silk because of washing!

The main ingredient of this shampoo is the keratin※1which fills the damaged part of the hair and strengths the hair.The treatment leads the hair smooth and shiny like beautiful silk.
Considering scalp care, 14 kinds of botanical essence are added.

  • Keratin Shampoo natural95

    Keratin Shampoo

    NET 800mL  JY2,750 (with tax)

    Keratin Shampoo natural95

    Keratin Shampoo

    NET 240mL JY1,320 (with tax)

    Using the keratin※1which is very close to the keratin of human hair, sticks to the damaged part of the hair selectively and makes up for the protein.The weakened hair becomes bouncy and resilient again.
    Also, 14 kinds of botanical essence lead to a healthy scalp.

  • Keratin Treatment natural90

    Keratin Treatment

    NET 800mL JY2,750 (with tax)

    Keratin Treatment natural90

    Keratin Treatment

    NET 240mL JY1,320 (with tax)

    The treatment combines silk※2including fibroin and sericin and heat-silk※3. Fibroin gives the dry touch to hair with luster like silk. Sericin is very good at keeping moisture because of its chemical structure; it includes a lot of amino acids having hydroxyl group called serine and threonine.
    Heat-silk sticks to the damaged part selectively. On top of that, it creates the coating to the surface of the hair and protects it from heat damage caused by hair dryer. It leads to the natural silky shine.

[ ※1 Hydrolyzed Keratin / ※2 Hydrolyzed Silk / ※3 Hydrolyzed Silk PG-Propyl Methylsilanediol ]



Free yourself from the fatigue and stress of the day, relax, and have a deep and good sleep.

The Clementia series contains CBD, which is currently a hot topic. CBD is a type of unregulated component (cannabinoid) contained in cannabis that is extracted from mature stems and seeds.
CBD has anti-inflammatory effects, suppresses sebum, and suppresses oxidative stress, making it effective for various scalp problems.
CBD oil (mainly hemp seed oil) moisturizes your hair and protects it from dryness and frizz during the winter.

  • Middle Shampoo

    CLEMENTIA CBD Mild Shampoo

    NET 250mL  JY1,650 (with tax)

    Middle Treatment

    CLEMENTIA CBD Mild Treatment

    NET 135g  JY1,650 (with tax)

    Gently wash your scalp and hair with a mild foam. This shampoo uses sodium cocoyl netyl taurine, which is hypoallergenic and is also used in baby shampoo. Contains Murumuru butter to ensure the moisture content of your hair, making it soft and comfortable.

  • GRACE Shampoo


    NET 250mL  JY1,650 (with tax)

    GRACE Treatment


    NET 135g JY1,650 (with tax)

    Amino acid-based cleaning ingredients support the internal structure of damaged hair and remove excess dirt and sebum. It gives your hair its natural fresh and manageable texture, and gently gathers your hair all the way to the ends.

  • Scalp Shampoo

    CLEMENTIA CBD Scalp Shampoo

    NET 250mL JY1,650 (with tax)

    Scalp Treatment

    CLEMENTIA CBD Scalp Treatment

    NET 135g JY1,650 (with tax)

    Formulated with beauty ingredients proteoglycan and mangrin clear that normalizes scalp damage and sebum conditions, ingredients that suppress scalp saccharification that causes hair loss, Lipidure, and botanical ingredients such as clara, ginger, nebula, trumpet, carrot, and peach. Contains carefully selected ingredients that condition your hair.



Shampoo containing plenty of vitamins for beautiful and gentle fading of colored hair and treatment containing hydrogen capsules, heat collagen, and erucalactone to protect hair from damage caused by UV rays and dryers, leading to moisturized hair. increase.

  • VitaminShampoo natural90

    Vitamin Shampoo

    NET 500mL ¥2,750(with tax)

    A vitamin cocktail formulation that mixes water-soluble (dissolves in water) and oil-soluble (dissolves in oil) in a well-balanced manner※1
    The vitamin cocktail component penetrates into the cortex of the hair to give moisture and increase the moisture retention inside the hair. At the same time, it gently tightens the inside of the cortex and suppresses dye outflow. Vitamin cocktail ingredients provide plenty of moisture to the stratum corneum, improve the skin environment to the original healthy skin environment, and nurture moist hair.

  • HydroTreatment natural90

    Hydro Treatment

    NET 500g  ¥2,750(with tax)

    Functional hair repair ingredients※2repair damaged hair and promote the penetration of beauty ingredients into the hair, so that the beautiful color and luster of freshly dyed hair can be retained from the inside and outside of the hair. It leads to firm hair.
    Two heat active ingredients※3(erucalactone/heat collagen PPT) form a hydrophobized film on the cuticle with the power of heat, suppressing dye outflow after hair coloring and prolonging salon coloring.(Hydrogen capsule※4)

[ ※2 Hematin, bisethoxydiglycol cyclohexane-1,4-dicarboxylate / ※3 γ-docosalactone, (dihydroxymethylsilylpropoxy)hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed collagen / ※4 Tears uses a special manufacturing method to confine and encapsulate hydrogen generating powder.Hydrogen capsules are formulations that can be expected to have antioxidant power because the capsules are crushed by friction during use and hydrogen is generated from the powder released from the capsules.]


THIONE 5 Design Wax


The main ingredients are rare 4 kinds of botanical oil※1and 2 kinds of butter※2( Shea butter and Murumuru butter).
These products make cuticles healthy and give hair more luster than before.

[ ※1 Adansonia Digitata Seed Oil, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Oil, Squalane / ※2 Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Astrocaryum Murumuru Seed Butter ]

  • Super Hard Wax

    Super Hard Wax

    NET 50g  JY1,320 (with tax)

    It has a super hard hold power and set power. It keeps a feeling of hair-bundle firmly.

  • Hard Wax

    Hard Wax

    NET 50g JY1,320 (with tax)

    It has a hard hold power and set power. It gives a firm feeling of hair-bundle and hair-tip movement. The hair style can be kept for a long time.

  • Soft Wax

    Soft Wax

    NET 50g JY1,320 (with tax)

    It produces the light finish by the soft creamy texture of wax. It gives a natural feeling of luster, free movement and feeling of bundle of hair.

  • Shea Butter Wax natural100

    Shea Butter Wax

    NET 40g  JY1,650 (with tax)

    ≪100% natural balm≫
    This is the botanical hair wax which is made only with natural origin raw materials.
    Let alone hairstyling, this product give moisture to whole body including hair, skin and nails. It is a multi-use moisture care product.Non-silicon prescription.


We will release Tione Natural Oil, which contains a high amount of naturally derived ingredients, mainly organic certified ingredients. With a refreshing luster and moisture, it can be used not only on hair but also on the whole body such as hands and body.
5 additive-free ingredients
Non-silicon, sulfate-free, non-paraben, mineral oil-free, synthetic colorant-free

  • NATURAL OIL LIGHT natural100


    NET 80mL ¥3,080(with tax)

    A natural oil with a smooth and easy-to-use feel. Light texture, non-greasy and natural finish. You can use it on your whole body with gentle luster and moisture.
    【Fresh citrus scent】
    A refreshing scent that makes you feel bright and positive at all times, centered on fresh citrus fruits such as grapefruit, lemon and orange. The scent is preferred not only by women but also by men, so it can be used for unisex.
    【Naturally derived ingredients 】 99.6%

  • NATURAL OIL RICH natural100


    NET 80mL ¥3,080(with tax)

    A natural oil that gives you rich moisture that you can’t let go of during the dry season. Gives natural luster and moisture to the hair tips that tend to dry, and creates a moist and cohesive look.
    【Citrus floral scent】
    An elegant scent that blends the refreshing citrus with the sweet scent of relaxing lavender and osmanthus fragrantis. It has an oriental, cool and transparent scent that blends in casually and softly, so it is recommended for people of all ages and scenes.
    【Naturally derived ingredients】 99.2%



You can be rejuvenated while you are protected by the magical power of Farasy series, like Cinderella!

This series work towards wrinkles so that the lines become less obvious. The ingredient※1lifts up the wrinkles by creating a kind of net around the wrinkles. The effect leaches not only to the surface but also to the inside of the skin※2. Cosmetically the wrinkles disappear from sight※3.
Cinderella component 1※1
While it is applied, there is an effect of lifting up the wrinkles by setting up a net.
Cinderella component 2※4
The ingredient, Agefinity™, works excellently to the wrinkles of neck and face from inside. It won the first place in the innovation prize hosted by a German company, BSB, in 2019.

  • Charming Lotion

    Charming Lotion

    120mL JY5,280 (with tax)

    It gives tension, elasticity and moisture to the skin and raise moisture holding ability. The skin is prepared to the essence of next step.
    Cinderella component 2

  • Charming Essence

    Charming Essence

    50mL  JY6,380 (with tax)

    It gives flexibility and tension to the skin and makes “smooth skin” by arranging the texture softly.
    Cinderella component 2

  • Charming Cream

    Charming Cream

    50g  JY5,280 (with tax)

    The cream gives the abundant moisture while keeping tension and elasticity to skin. It also makes the wrinkles to be less noticeable. It works to the surface of the skin and inside as well.
    Cinderella component 1
    Cinderella component 2

  • Active Secret Cream the F

    Active Secret Cream the F

    75g JY3,850 (with tax)

    This cream leads to the fair skin by balancing the indigenous bacterium which live in the surface of a face. ACTIGYM™※5and a lactic acid bacterium※6help a muscle of facial expression be active and the movement leads to the healthy skin environment.

[ ※1 Hydrolyzed Rhizobian Gum, Acacia Senegal Gum (skin condition ingredients) / ※2 reach to stratum corneum / ※3 make up effect / ※4 Sodium Mannose Phosphate, Mannose, Glycerin(moisturizing ingredients) / ※5 Bacillus/Soybean Ferment Extract(moisturizing ingredients) / ※6 Enterococcus Faecalis (moisturizing ingredients) ]

Natural Level

The labels on the containers show the quantity of ingredient amount derived from nature. (※by Tiers’ standard)

  • Natural Level4

    Contains 95% or more

  • Natural Level3

    Contains 90% or more

  • Natural Level2

    Contains 80% or more