LUMOS DIAMOND HAIR COLOR New colors (20 colors) added

【Product information】

■ New color added
LUMOS means “light” in Latin and is one of the spells used in the movie.
Illuminations in English are derived from LUMOS.
We named it “LUMOS DIAMOND HAIR COLOR” with the meaning of casting a spell that makes women shine beautifully with hair coloring.

Tears’ original M-68 skin cream base is used for the one-agent cream base, and the oil layer and water layer are mixed in a well-balanced manner to efficiently penetrate the ingredients into the hair and minimize damage. .. Lumos Diamond Hair Color is a coloring agent that minimizes damage while sticking to a smooth and smooth texture.

Additional colors
☆ Monotone
☆ Matt
☆ Pink
☆ Red
☆ Control color
Red / Bio Red / Clear
20 colors will be added.

Since it contains sheer blue, it is a color that is familiar to Japanese skin.

The scent is a refreshing Earl Gray scent
Please try it by all means!!


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