We will release Lumos Diamond Re-birth Zero, a reactive drug removal foam.

This item is a post-treatment agent and reactive drug removal foam after hair coloring.
By using it after emulsifying the hair color, bubbles are generated and alkali and hydrogen peroxide are removed.
Hematin removes alkali and completely develops the color of dyes that are not sufficiently oxidatively polymerized to remove diamines.
Catalase breaks down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. Persimmon tannin also removes residual odor after coloring. Wash off the generated foam and the process is complete.
It suppresses the progress of residual chemicals after hair coloring, makes it 0 (zero), and leads to bare hair.

At the same time, it contains a carboxylic acid salt that strengthens the hair structure as a hair repair ingredient and an amino acid MIX that is a moisturizing ingredient, so it leads from the inside of the hair to a cored hair.
In addition, as an outer repair effect, a maleic acid polymer with a film effect and high molecular weight α / γ keratin, which is a cuticle repair component, are also blended.
It forms a film on the hair and protects it.


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