Tiers developer from plastic bottles to pouches

Goodbye carbon society!
Reduce plastics by more than 100 tons per year!
Tiers Developer 2000mL
From plastic bottles to pouches!

For Tiers Developer 2000mL, we will change the container from a plastic bottle to a pouch.
As soon as the current warehouse runs out, it will be changed to a pouch at any time.

As a result, we can reduce the waste of plastics by 100 tons or more per year, maintain the current price amid soaring procurement materials (raw materials, etc.), and reduce the cost of disposing of empty containers at salons. This is a change that benefits both parties.

At present, 9 kinds of herbal extracts are blended as moisturizing ingredients, but when the pouch is changed, it will be increased to 11 kinds to further enhance the moisturizing effect.

* Moisturizing ingredients: Organic olive oil, Roman chamomile extract, Odorikosou extract, Gobo extract, Seiyoukizuta extract, Arnica extract, Dutch mustard extract, garlic extract, rosemary extract, pine extract, tea extract, Nobara extract


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