Clever Color Magnet 0(zero) System released!

We hope that our customers will enjoy the salon colors for a long time.
Developed to give you a higher sense of satisfaction.
There are various causes for rapid discoloration, such as damage, ultraviolet rays, heat from dryers, irons, etc.
Chemical damage is a magnet reaction※, and external damage is heat control※ to increase the dyeing rate and reduce the fading rate. In addition, the power of heat keeps your hair shining.

Magnet reaction
The reaction between the anion (-) and the cation (+) forms a complex in the hair.
Fills the gaps in the damage holes and smoothes the surface of the hair.

Heat control
The two heat control components form a hydrophobic film on the cuticle by the power of heat, which makes the salon color last longer.

Magnet charge ① 230mL
[Surface equalization]
Hair is repaired with anion (-) charged KR30 reactive keratin and curetain α-reduced keratin that strengthens the hair.
A complex is formed by reacting with the cation (+) of the coloring agent. It evenly fills the damage holes, smoothes the surface, and creates a foundation that makes it easy to dye hair color.
The amphipathic component that dissolves in both water and oil promotes the penetration of keratin into the hair, where oil and water are intricately entwined.

Magnet charge ② 230g
[Discoloration suppression effect]
The pseudo-CMC component penetrates into the cortex and arranges the path of the hair color to promote the fixation of the dye and enhance the dyeing effect.
Protesil® * evenly coats the surface of the hair, suppressing diffused reflection of light and leading to a vivid dyeing finish.

Magnet charge ③ 300mL
[Drug removal]
By using it after emulsifying the color, it removes alkali and hydrogen peroxide.
After coloring, it suppresses the progress of residual chemicals, makes it 0 (zero), and leads to bare hair.

Magnet charge ④ 400g
[Heat control]
Two heat control ingredients (Elcalactone / Heat Collagen PPT) form a hydrophobic film on the cuticle by the power of heat, which makes the salon color last longer.
It suppresses the outflow of dye after hair coloring.

* Protesil® is a registered trademark of Seiwa Kasei Co., Ltd.


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